Luxemburg Airport

Luxemburg Airport – Luxemburg

Key Service: Bilateral Services
Location: Luxemburg
Product: Feasibility study, product concept, architecture, profitability calculation


Luxembourg Airport has commissioned Prof. Dr. Christian Buer to prepare a feasibility analysis for a hotel project at Luxembourg Airport. The development at the site is a holistic orientation towards an office and hotel complex, which in turn is directly connected to the airport (pedestrian bridge). This overall development is the “Airport-City Luxembourg”, which offers shopping facilities, gastronomy and conference and meeting areas on an area of 18 ha in addition to the “business hotel” with around 200 guest rooms to be investigated here.



The assignment was carried out in two steps: The first part contains an inventory of the tourism and cultural offer of the city of Luxembourg. The location is assessed according to macro criteria, the competitive environment (direct, indirect and latent competition) and the demand capacity. Based on this, the strengths and weaknesses flow into the evaluation by means of a potential analysis. In the second part, the potentials and opportunities for Luxembourg Airport as a location can be determined from these. Here, the focus is on the possible variety of offers and the resulting earning power or the expected profitability forecast. Furthermore, a product idea was presented. The profitability takes into account a model planned result calculation. The analysis concludes with a recommendation derived from a market perspective and an assessment of the feasibility of the project.



The basics from the feasibility study and the final presentation were used as tender documentation for the first approach to potential operators of large hotel chains.