The Mar-A-Lago Club, Palm Beach, USA

The Mar-A-Lago Club, Palm Beach, USA – Palm Beach, USA

Key Service: Hospitality Crisis Management
Location: Palm Beach, USA
Product: Personnel management, trainings, coachings, financial and profitability control


Prof. Dr. Christian Buer was acquired as a food & beverage consultant for the Mar-a-Lago Club, L. C. in 2006. In addition to the overall goal of improving member enjoyment at the Club, our responsibilities included budget management, financial data review and recruiting.
Performance of all F&B areas was to be analyzed and operational adjustments made.


An F&B concept was developed and implemented. All areas such as bar, kitchen and banquet went through a recruiting process for suitable employees with subsequent supervision and control of the implementation in the club. The development & use of extended financial and profitability control instruments were part of the service, as well as the implementation of trainings and coachings.


Currently, all projects and cooperation are completed.