Panorama Hotelgesellschaft Waldenburg

Panorama Hotelgesellschaft Waldenburg – Waldenburg, Germany

Key Service: Hotel Valuation
Location: Waldenburg, Germany
Product: Sales analysis, cost analysis, profitability calculation, sensitivity analysis


The Panoramahotel Waldenburg was managed as a “four-star hotel above the Hohenlohe plain” and has positioned itself with 69 guest rooms as a business and conference hotel as well as a leisure hotel for weekend guests. Operated by Panorama Hotel & Service GmbH, the Würth Hotel Group employs a total of over 320 people. On this basis, the hotel examined the possibility of expanding or rebuilding the existing Panoramahotel Waldenburg. Prof. Dr. Christian Buer was called in as an expert and consultant to clarify the question of economic feasibility.


Prof. Dr. Christian Buer has, based on the actual surveys, outlined the concept of the Panoramahotel Waldenburg anew together with the management and, on the basis of a market investigation and its main markets, has let this flow into the product conception of the “new Panoramahotel Waldenburg”.


A new conference and meeting hotel “”Panoramahotel Waldenburg”” was developed and opened in 2018.
Prof. Dr. Christian Buer prepared the investment and finance plan as well as the lease contracts. The development and implementation of a marketing and sales concept (off-/Online) for the Hotel Amtshaus Ailringen, Panoramahotel Waldenburg as well as the Wald- und Schlosshotel Friedrichsruhe took place.