Sustainability Development & Audit

As experts for tourism and sustainable development, we not only examine the contribution of the hotel industry to the regional economy, but also its long-term preservation in terms of a regional circular economy. We support you with our expertise in finding and implementing the right business strategy. Our team’s intention is to contribute to a healthy and sustainable development by implementing these concepts to improve your competitiveness.

There are several certification systems for sustainable construction:
Horwath HTL internationally extends its traditional tourism expertise by working with EarthCheck – the world’s leading data-based certification and consulting group for sustainability in the hospitality, travel and tourism industry.
In Germany, we follow the DGNB system and accompany your certification process together with an independent auditor. The DGNB certification system is used to objectively describe and evaluate the sustainability of buildings. It evaluates the quality over the complete building life cycle and is internationally applicable. Due to its flexibility, it can be precisely adapted to different building uses and even country-specific requirements.

The sustainability concept of the DGNB system consistently considers all essential aspects of sustainable building: ecology, economy, socio-cultural and functional aspects, technology, processes and locations.

The fulfilment of numerous sustainability criteria from the above-mentioned subject areas is certified. The DGNB awards a certificate in platinum, gold and silver. There is also the option of pre-certification in the planning phase. New buildings as well as existing properties can be certified according to the DGNB.


The current latest version of the DGNB certification system stands more clearly than ever for the understanding of sustainability. Together with the DGNB, Horwath HTL Deutschland helps to find the right answers to our most important questions for the future in planning and construction practice:

  • Focus on people
  • Circular Economy
  • Design and building culture quality
  • Sustainable Development Goals
  • EU conformity
  • Innovation


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