Cresta Palace Hotel

Cresta Palace Hotel – St. Moritz, Schweiz

Key Service: Digitalization
Location: St. Moritz, Schweiz
Product: Digitalization, Revenue Management, Marketing Strategy, SWOT Analysis


The Cresta Palace Hotel is a traditional hotel whose development and market positioning should be re-discussed. The hotel had business challenges in the Food & Beverage and could position itself through the gastronomy “Giacomo’s” targeted in the upper segment. Furthermore, renovations in the technical area and in the guest rooms are pending. The new management of the Cresta Palace Hotel wanted to critically examine the positioning of the hotel and to position it more clearly in the previously announced direction as a sports and family hotel.


With regard to the examination of how the Cresta Hotel can align and position itself in the future, a one-day workshop was agreed upon, which essentially answered the following questions:
– Where does the hotel stand and what does it stand for?
– What are the hotel’s strengths?
– How does the hotel position itself in today’s competition (Engadine)?
– Which are the best practice hotels from the group of participants and what are their success factors? Which success factors can be used for the Cresta Palace?

The goals of the workshop under the motto: “What will we be” are
– recognizing the status quo
– the alignment of expectations for the Cresta Palace
– identifying gaps (opportunities for improvement)
– defining the orientation of the hotel and the tasks/challenges to be met as a result


The results of the workshop will be embedded in the Marketing Plan 2020-2024.
The measures will be developed as a “prioritized timeline” and backed up with targets and economic results. The results will be considered as the basis for a continuous development of the processes.
Together with the Board of Directors, the management will look at some of the properties mentioned by Prof. Dr. Buer as best practices in order to gain inspiration for the structural measures and also to bring these into the process of developing the conversion and renovation plans.