Active Wohnbau GmbH, Neckarsulm

Active Wohnbau GmbH, Neckarsulm – Neckarsulm,, Germany

Key Service: Hotel Planning & Development
Location: Neckarsulm,, Germany
Product: Feasibility Study, Project Management, Finance


The guiding idea of the urban development has the goal to change the center of the city of Neckarsulm into a lively and animated “”residential, commercial and recreational zone””. The driver at the time was increasing traffic congestion, which led to declining demand for residential and commercial space.
In this context, the city focused on the creation of public spaces in a first set of measures.
Later, the city was able to revitalize the marketplace in particular, building on integrative traffic and development concepts.
The almost 10-hectare railroad area of the city of Neckarsulm has been subject to a redevelopment program since 2004, which is additionally supported by the federal government with € 1.3 million. It includes, among other things, the revitalization of the train station and the underground development of the city.
The property directly adjacent to the railroad tracks (between “”Untere Bahnhofstraße”” / “”Obere Bahnhofsstraße””) and the connection to the “”Bahnhofsplatz”” should be transferred to a hotel use.


As part of the urban planning and redevelopment program, Prof. Dr. Christian Buer accompanies the project for the market integration of the Welcome Hotel Neckarsulm.


Based on a feasibility study for a 4-star business hotel and an investment and financing plan, the Welcome Hotel Neckarsulm was developed. Prof. Dr. Christian Buer prepared and checked the delimitation and equipment list (interface list) for the object to be realized, searched for an operator and accompanied the contract negotiations and the conclusion of the contract. A room and function program was created in coordination with the operator & a selection of architects.
The portfolio also included the hotel-related implementation and support of the planning and construction phase.
Prof. Dr. Christian Buer is also involed in the market integration and opening of the Welcome Hotel Neckarsulm and in 2019.