Breuninger – Stuttgart Germany

Key Service: Tourism & Leisure
Location: Stuttgart Germany
Product: Feasibility Study, Operator concept, Surveyor activities


The state of Baden-Württemberg and the company Breuninger announced a competition for the realization of an urban-architectural design for the redevelopment of an important area in the center of the state capital Stuttgart. The project was intended to give the urban quality of the neighborhood a significant impetus for positive development into a lively district for leisure, work and tourism.


A feasibility study for the hotel in an office, retail and hotel complex in Stuttgart (Da Vinci) serves as a basis.
The preparation of an operator concept for the selection or tendering of a potential operator for the object belonged to the service as well as the preparation of the space & function program for the tendering of the architectural competition. Prof. Dr. Christian Buer accompanied the process as an expert for the jury “”Quartier am Karlsplatz”” in Stuttgart. A demarcation documentation for construction, equipment and operational objects (construction, FF&E, SOE) relevant for investment costs and contract design was prepared.


The final negotiated lease did not materialize due to a change in policy.