Amtshaus Ailringen

Amtshaus Ailringen – Ailringen, Deutschland

Key Service: Bilateral Services
Location: Ailringen, Deutschland
Product: Revenue Management, Distribution Strategy, Marketing Strategy, SWOT, Vision-Mission-Statement


Around 1580, the former official residence for the lords of the Teutonic Order was built in Ailringen in the idyllic Jagst valley as a Renaissance building with decorative half-timbering. In 1992, Adolf Würth GmbH & Co. KG acquired the former Deutschordenshaus and saved it from decay by restoring it. The Hotel & Restaurant Altes Amtshaus was originally opened in 1997 as a guesthouse for Würth employees, but is now also a charming hotel for individual guests seeking peace and quiet. With the restaurant
“Amtskeller” restaurant, which has held a Michelin star without interruption since 2000, it also offers catering of the highest standard.
Since the occupancy rate in the hotel and the restaurant remained below expectations and the house was not operated cost-covering, the concept has been reconsidered and revised in cooperation with Prof. Dr. Christian Buer.


The aim of the cooperation is to generate greater demand by repositioning the hotel and thus to achieve a positive economic result. This process is accompanied and supported by Prof. Dr. Christian Buer in the sense of a moderator and coach.
To determine the basis and a common understanding, everyone in the team defines what constitutes the Alte Amtshaus for them and how this contributes to success. Together with the SWOT analysis, this results in the strengths on which the team develops its vision. With the elaboration of a vision and a mission statement, the existing core competencies of the Amtshaus are brought into focus and supposed weaknesses are transformed into strengths.



The “Alte Amtshaus” is to develop into the “Amtshaus – experience, meet, celebrate”, the quality remains in focus!
A jointly developed concept and a plan of action, among other things, for the sales and marketing strategy, creation of a mission statement, for the Internet presence and an investment cost compilation was created and implemented with those responsible.

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