By Horwath HTL on 1. July 2021

HHTL Digitalization 2021 en A4

“Innovative digitalization projects, modern technology and innovations will become a driving force also in our industry for sustainably positioning our business among the competitive set and for significantly impacting the market.”
Prof.Dr. Christian Buer, Managing Partner Horwath HTL Germany

In the hotel and tourism industry, digitalization happens on different levels in different areas through integration of new technologies into existing infrastructures, adaptation of business models or expansion and flexibilization of digital communication channels. The decisive factor is that the IT infrastructure and the strategy ultimately represent a homogeneous and integrated overall experience.
Digitalization aims at process-related support along the customer journey, at the end of which there is the most holistic support possible through digital means of communication during the entire travel experience, to be closer to customers before, during and after the journey.
At the same time, technologization of internal processes are offered. This results in opportunities to save costs and time, simplify processes, and increase convenience and service for the customer.

Horwath HTL Germany/Horwath HTL DACH is expanding its tourism expertise through cooperation with Ehrenmüller GmbH – experts in the forward-looking field of data science and artificial intelligence. This allows us to incorporate appropriate models already during the planning and development of the project and to offer holistic solutions.


  • Inventory of the existing technological possibilities
  • Preparation of a gap analysis for future technological developments
  • Creation of a strengths/weaknesses profile for the requirement
  • Potential analysis of digitization projects and opportunities
  • Digitalization of the entire customer journey
  • Technologization of internal and external processes in strategy, structure, and system
  • Cooperation in data science and AI concepts with data science/AI specialist Ehrenmüller GmbH

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