Peeneemünde 2020

Peeneemünde 2020 – Peeneemünde, Germany

Key Service: Tourism & Leisure
Location: Peeneemünde, Germany

Development of a Masterplan for the community Peenemünde located on the German island Usedom.

Peenemünde is the northernmost municipality of the island of Usedom and has so far benefited only slightly from the otherwise very high development dynamics within the tourist destination of Usedom. Therefore, in addition to questions of urban planning and traffic engineering, the development of the tourism industry in particular was the focus of the consideration of the regional development concept (REK). From the beginning, Horwath HTL’s project team set themselves the goal of developing no “visions” but an actually feasible and thus goal-oriented concept for Peenemünde. The master plan “Peenemünde 2020” defines a holistic development concept that

consistently develops the strengths of the existing subject area “history” and complements it with the newly defined subject area “future”.
In February 2012, this development concept, which was comprehensively coordinated with the state, the district and the local actors, was approved by the municipality of Peenemünde. The implementation phase is currently underway, in which in-depth examinations and detailed concepts for selected key projects will be developed. In addition, the first private and public investment projects are being prepared or implemented with regards to planning and building laws.