Masterplan Büsum 2025

Masterplan Büsum 2025 – Berlin, Germany

Key Service: Tourism & Leisure
Location: Berlin, Germany
Product: Masterplan
Office: Horwath HTL Germany

Elaboration of a targeted Masterplan concept for the development of the infrastructure in the municipality of Büsum.

The municipality Büsum is one of the top destinations in the tourism region of Schleswig-Holstein. Büsum has developed extremely positively in recent years. Several projects in the area of ​​public tourist infrastructures have been successfully implemented. In particular, the projects “Familienlagune Perlebucht” and “Dike reinforcement, incl. promenades and infrastructure”, with a total investment volume of more than € 20 million, have already been able to make an important contribution to the modern quality assurance and an increase in the area of ​​basic infrastructures. It is also positive, that at the same time the private sector has made as tangible investments or is planning corresponding investments.

Overall, Büsum has already completed important future-oriented development steps. In the following, the task was to continue the initiated development and the resulting positive effects in a targeted manner and to embed existing individual measures/projects in a holistic development strategy.
Horwath HTL supported the elaboration of an appropriate master plan concept for the development of the tourism infrastructure. It included the definition of suitable core fields of action and key projects in order to safeguard the competitiveness of the tourist destination Büsum in the medium and long term.