QF Hotel Dresden

QF Hotel Dresden – Berlin, Germany

Key Service: Asset Management
Location: Berlin, Germany
Product: Business optimization and hotel operator
Office: Horwath HTL Germany

Business optimization and hotel operator's search for an existing real estate in Dresden.

Horwath HTL was commissioned by the owner of a first-class hotel property to stabilize and optimize the operation of the current operating company. At the same time Horwath HTL carried out an international bidding process for operators search and negotiations on forms of contract and lease/rent levels with the bidders. In just a few months, the negotiations were successfully concluded for all participants.

Horwath HTL structured the transfer of the business to the new hotel operator for a smooth handover process. The consulting services provided by Horwath HTL not only identified weak points and potentials during ongoing operations, but also resulted in a noticeable optimization of the operational business