Beach Motel & Bretterbude Heiligenhafen

Beach Motel & Bretterbude Heiligenhafen – Heiligenhafen, Germany

Key Service: Planning & Development
Location: Heiligenhafen, Germany
Office: Horwath HTL Germany

The holiday hotel projects "Beach Motel Heiligenhafen" and "Bretterbude Heiligenhafen" make up the core building blocks of the "Marina Resort Heiligenhafen".

The leisure hotel projects “Beach Motel Heiligenhafen” and “Bretterbude Heiligenhafen” form the core building blocks of the “Marina Resort Heiligenhafen”, for which Horwath HTL developed the master plan concept in 2009 and complete the ongoing implementation.
The conceptual starting point for both hotel products was the already existing and extremely successful Beach Motel located in St. Peter-Ording. By differentiating and sharpening the concepts in the sense of target group, topics and qualities, two new product lines were created.

First, the 4-star Beach Motel for the upmarket beach holiday for a lifestyle-oriented, demanding and recreation-seeking target group. Secondly, the budget lifestyle hotel “Bretterbude”, positioned in the 3-star segment, for the “cool” beach and active holiday of a trendy, younger audience. Both projects are combined by the fact that they are – as well as the existing house in St. Peter-Ording – established as “lifestyle products” through the comprehensive involvement of brand partners.